Hurricane Isaac Rising Waters Forces People Out of Homes – DeJaVu?

Seven years ago, Hurricane Katrina cause massive damage, death and destruction due to flooding and storm surges in New Orleans, LA, Gulf areas in MS and AL.

Now, Hurricane Isaac, a Category 1 hurricane when it came ashore, is causing massive damage due to breaching some levys in Louisiana. The flooding is due to Isaac slow movement and major dump of rain. It has caught thousands of people by surprise. Many areas that suffered seven years ago are being flooded again.

Response to Isaac’s flooding victims is going on right now and has been fast.

Some people reported that the flood waters rose incredibly fast, so leaving became out of the question.

Below are a few Eyewitness Videos taken during and after Hurricane Isaac:

Hurricane Isaac makes landfall, New Orleans braces

Hurricane Isaac Coast Guard Response

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012.

Isaac Pummels Louisiana on Slow Slog Inland

Isaac began a slow, drenching move inland from the Gulf of Mexico, stranding some people in homes and cars as the storm spun into a newly fortified New Orleans exactly seven years after Katrina. (Aug. 29)

Hurricane Isaac approached the gulf coast [HD] New Orleans | Louisiana

Hurricane Isaac made landfall this evening in southeastern Louisiana, with winds of 80 mph that spread out over an area 200 miles wide.

It was a Category 1 hurricane as it came ashore, and the National Hurricane Center warned of “strong winds and a dangerous storm surge occurring along the northern Gulf Coast.”

The storm threatened to drop more than a foot of rain — up to 20 inches in some areas — from Biloxi, Miss., to New Orleans. The hurricane center said a storm surge — the bulge of water that a storm pushes ahead of itself — of 8.8 feet had been measured at Shell Beach, La.


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