Violence can never be the means to an end

My heart weeps to see and read the stories of brave policemen who have been ambushed and seriously injured in a recent spate of violent attacks on this beautiful Island. These men in uniform are out on the streets day in and day out braving harsh weather and hostile surroundings working tirelessly only to ensure that citizens and expats, both alike, feel safe and secure each time they step out of their homes.

I see these men with minimum protective gear on them patrol the streets either from a makeshift canopy or in most cases from inside their vehicles for hours together so that we can move around freely. These men are here to maintain the law and order and I strongly condemn any acts of violence which put their lives in danger.

Regardless of the race and nationality these men belong too, what message are the followers of violence sending out to the world? By causing casualties and mayhem their demands are unlikely to be even heard, forget about getting resolved. As much as the citizens of this country wish to seek an end to the violence and destruction, I too sincerely hope that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel. I come from the land of the late Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, “Father of the Nation” popularly known as “Bapu”. He advocated and practised the principle of non-violence in India which was instrumental in paving the way for its freedom. Although there were some others who resorted to violent means, by and large Bapu is credited with achieving, what many thought was impossible, “Freedom through ahimsa (non-violence)”.

In no way am I indicating that incidents in Bahrain are comparable to the struggle in India. My only suggestion is “Violence cannot be a means to achieve the end”. Shun the violence and take to dialogue to resolve the critical issues amicably. In the words of Bapu “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Bahrain has been a wonderful home to thousands of expats like me and I would love to see it blossom and grow as a wonderful country and economy. Each life is precious and I sincerely wish that there will be no casualties be it of a civilian or a security personnel in the future owing to the acts of violence.

A concerned expat

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