Upper Midwest to Oklahoma Severe Weather Danger

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The weekend is coming to a close with severe weather erupting from the Upper Midwest to Oklahoma. The danger will shift eastward Monday.

Violent thunderstorms will continue to ignite into this evening from northern Ontario and Minnesota to Oklahoma.

The severe weather will then press eastward overnight, invading Wisconsin, neighboring parts of Upper Michigan, eastern Iowa and central Missouri.

Cities that lie in the threat zone include International Falls, Duluth and Minneapolis, Minn., Eau Claire, Wis., Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Omaha, Neb., Kansas City, Mo., Wichita, Kan., and Oklahoma City and Ponca City, Okla.

The strongest thunderstorms will be capable of unleashing damaging winds, pounding hail and flooding downpours.

A few tornadoes threaten to touch down and cause destruction. The area at greatest risk for these tornadoes encompasses Minnesota and northern Ontario.

The powerful thunderstorms closing out this weekend are erupting as a cold front slices into a hot and humid air mass. The flooding downpours and severe weather along the central Gulf Coast are associated with another weather disturbance.

Before the severe weather threatens the areas shown above, violent thunderstorms will first erupt from western Minnesota to north-central Oklahoma through sunset.

As the front shifts eastward, so will the severe weather threat.

While more comfortable air filters into the Upper Midwest, severe weather will become a concern from places in and around Lake Michigan to southeastern Kansas and Arkansas on Monday.

Chicago, Ill., and Little Rock, Ark., lie in Monday’s threat zone.

A few strong thunderstorms from tonight will persist into Monday morning. However, the afternoon hours will prove to be the most active time for the severe weather.

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