Tornadoes rake rural Saskatchewan

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, July 4 (UPI) — No injuries were reported after at least three tornadoes tore through rural south-central Saskatchewan, the Environment Canada agency said Wednesday.

The central, largely agricultural province was recovering from a battering of severe weather last week when heat-triggered storms spawned twisters Tuesday, the Saskatoon Star Phoenix said.

While the federal agency confirmed three tornadoes, storm chasers posted various images online of other funnel clouds throughout the province.

In the town of Davidson, about 65 miles southeast of Saskatoon, farm owner Marg Beckie told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. a grain bin worth $15,000 was toppled by a twister, windows were shattered and 50-year-old trees were downed.

“We just finished cleaning up from last week,” she told the CBC. “But it’s part of Saskatchewan.”

Environment Canada meteorologist John Paul Cragg told the Star Phoenix central Canada wasn’t out of danger for a repeat of violent weather until at least Friday.

“It’s another good set-up for these thunderstorms to kick up,” he said.

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