Story of Josselyn Bishop Told to Raise Awareness

MANKATO, Minn. -

It has been over a year since MSU Student Josselyn Bishop was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. And Tuesday, during domestic violence awareness month, her story continues to raise awareness.

Bishop family friend Jamie Erickson says, “She was actually stabbed in the car.”

The story of Bishop’s death includes much more than the horrific details of her murder.

Erickson says, “She got out and ran about a quarter miles until he got her in the median, she was stabbed about 40 times.”

Violent acts like these don’t happen out of nowhere — that is why Bishop’s friends and family also told of the pattern of violence that led up to it.

Bishop’s old roommate Catheryn Rosemeirer says, “She always told me he would never hurt her but I think she was partially always afraid of him.”

Josselyn’s mom Cara Bishop says, “One morning she and I had talked and her tires had been slashed…”

Bishop’s old roommate Hillory Hancock says, “Chris and Josselyn came out of her bedroom and she had stitches above her lip.”

Bishop’s story, while hard to hear, is not unique.

MSU’s Violence Awareness and Response Coordinator Laura Schultz says, “23 women died in MN alone in the last year as a result of domestic violence, and MN is not unique in that either, this is a very widespread ongoing epidemic really.”

Josselyn’s loved–ones hope that by hearing her story, others may be able to see red flags in their own relationship.

Erickson says, “If we can just help one person get out of a relationship, or help somebody help somebody get out of a relationship, we want to give them the tools and our story to help them do that.”

And for those that need help, they hope Josselyn’s story can give them the strength to seek it, before it is too late.

Erickson says,” We are doing this presentation so you guys don’t have to go through this.”

Schultz says, “You’re not alone, it is not your fault you are strong, and there are people that will be with you every step of the way.”

Also this week at MSU, anti–violence training geared at men on how to take action as allies to women in the anti–violence movement. The training will start Thursday at 7:15 PM in the Student Union, room 284.

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