St. Louis police focus efforts on violent crimes



St. Louis, MO (KSDK) – St. Louis police say they’re changing policy and won’t be sending officers to certain types of crimes, including auto thefts and larcenies. Instead, they are focusing their officers on violent crimes.

We went to the neighborhoods that have the highest number of larcenies and auto thefts to find out what the residents there think about the new measure.

“Really?” says Russell Dow laughing. “I don’t like that.”

The news is alarming to some, but police Chief Dan Isom says right now it’s for the best.

“We are going to address these hotspots and some of the aggravated assaults that have gone up in the past year,” says Chief Isom.

This is all in effort to put more boots on the ground where violent crimes in St. Louis are on the rise.

“Officers will still respond to incidents of burglaries, it will be larcenies and attempt theft of autos and auto theft, crimes that have already occurred,” says the Chief.

Starting in Ward 7, according to St. Louis Police this area is leading the city this year for auto theft, with 138 through the month of June. Larcenies are coming in at 784 through June.

“I think they are dropping the ball, I know that there’s not enough of them out there so I think it lends itself to more, more crime,” says Dow.

He lives in the area and says his vehicle has been broken into three times. When it happened an officer didn’t come to his location, he just reported through the phone, which is exactly what you will have to do now.

Now on to Ward 17, southeast of Forest Park, according to police have had 383 larcenies. Margie White says she’s fallen victim to larceny herself.

“We had a property crime last year and I don’t think they came out, they came out and they looked but they didn’t really do anything,” says White talking about the police presence.

White tends to agree with Chief Isom.

“It is important it is the more important to focus on violent crimes,” says White.

Police say larcenies and auto thefts will still be investigated by the detective bureau.


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