Severe Weather Targets Oklahoma, Arkansas Today

A strong thunderstorm and resultant ominous clouds. Taken May 29, 2012 by Dan DePodwin

A gathering storm will center on Oklahoma and part of Kansas, producing violent weather, including tornadoes into Wednesday evening.

Surging moisture and a potent piece of atmospheric energy emerging from the Rockies will trigger storm development this afternoon from central Nebraska to northern Texas with Oklahoma in the middle. The storms are then expected to sweep southeastward through the evening.

The atmosphere is primed for a dangerous outbreak of severe thunderstorms. Temperatures well into the 80s and 90s in addition to plentiful moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will help increase the threat.

Damaging wind gusts, large hail and a few tornadoes will accompany storms this afternoon as they rumble eastward. By tonight, the greatest threat should transition to damaging winds as the storms enter eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas.

The zone under the greatest risk today is central Oklahoma including the city of Norman and the state’s capital, Oklahoma City.

While on the fringe of the threat area, residents from Wichita, Kan., to Tulsa, Okla., to Little Rock, Ark., should also keep an eye to the sky this afternoon and evening for stormy weather.

A few hours after dark the threat of severe weather is likely to shift from tornadoes to straight-line wind gusts.

Locations in Texas just south of the Red River experienced some morning thunderstorms that produced heavy rainfall. In this region, another round of storms this afternoon is possible but the greatest threat exists to the north.

In addition to the severe threats, these thunderstorms can produce torrential rainfall in a short amount of time in addition to frequent lightning. If a thunderstorm approaches while outside, take shelter immediately. Also, never drive through a flooded roadway.

By Thursday, the potential for damaging thunderstorms will shift eastward into the lower Mississippi Valley and will later swing into the Ohio Valley.

Farther northwest Thursday, an axis of heavy rainfall is expected to setup over much of Missouri. Several inches of rain in this area could cause flooding.

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