Severe Weather Returns to the Plains

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After a couple of fairly calm weeks across the Plains as far as severe weather is concerned, violent thunderstorms have returned to the Plains.

The weekend started with hail-producing thunderstorms pounding the central High Plains. Hail as large as golf balls has been unleashed on southwestern Nebraska.

Powerful thunderstorms will continue to ignite across the Plains through tonight from western Iowa to eastern Nebraska to Kansas and west-central Oklahoma.

Cities in this corridor include Omaha, Neb., and Wichita, Kan.

Hail is not the only concern with the strongest thunderstorms, but also damaging winds and frequent lightning.

The potential for a tornado or two touching down also exists, especially across southeastern Nebraska and neighboring parts of Kansas.

The powerful thunderstorms closing out today are being ignited as a cold front slices into the summerlike warmth surging into the Midwest.

As the cold front moves eastward, the threat for severe weather will shift to places from southern Wisconsin to Missouri on Sunday. St. Louis lies within this zone.

Away from the nation’s midsection, a handful of thunderstorms will continue to turn severe into this evening across South Florida and the Tennessee Valley.

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