Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornado Safety

Be Prepared Before Severe Season Starts

DENVER — The National Weather Service has designated this week as Severe Weather Awareness Week. Each day has emphasis on a different topic; today’s is tornado safety.

This is especially important as severe weather season approaches. Now is the time to review your preparedness plans so that you can put them into action when storms strike. Typically, May through August is when Colorado sees its most severe weather. According to the National Weather Service 95-percent of tornadoes occur east of Interstate 25. Most happen between 1 and 8 p.m. Of these storms, about 10 percent usually are capable of producing winds over 165 mph.

The way to survive these destructive forces is to know where to go when the weather turns violent.


Get In, Get Down, Cover Up

This simple statement is an easy way to remember where the safest place may be.

First, get inside a sturdy building or shelter. Get down to the lowest floor or basement. Stay away from windows, doors, and glass to avoid potential flying debris. Last, cover up. Blankets and mattresses can serve as a protective layer.

Be sure your shelter is equipped with a battery-operated NOAA weather radio, to receive storm updates if the power goes out.

If you are outdoors and cannot find shelter in a nearby building, crouch down to the ground and cover your head. Avoid tall objects and electrical lines.

Never try to outrun a tornado in a car. Pull over to a safe location, and if available, lie down in low-lying place like a culvert or ditch.

Stay tuned to the 24/7 Weather Center for additional topics this week as Colorado Severe Weather Awareness Week Continues.

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