Great Lakes Damaging Storms, Wisconsin Tornadoes Possible

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Severe storms shifting across the Great Lakes region threaten additional damage Monday night. The severe weather threat includes the possibility of a few tornadoes.

In addition to powerful wind gusts and large hail, there is a risk of a few tornadoes with the setup this evening. The greatest risk for tornadoes exists over central Wisconsin.

The violent thunderstorms that blasted into parts of South Dakota and Minnesota on Sunday brought damaging wind gusts past 70 mph and golf ball-sized hail.

During this evening, the risk for severe thunderstorms shifts across Wisconsin, Michigan and southern Ontario, as well as Lake Michigan and Lake Huron waters.

Residents who live in Wausau, Wis., Green Bay, Wis., and Traverse City, Mich., will need to stay alert and keep an eye to the sky.

Many folks will wake up to a complex of thunderstorms moving across the Great Lakes early Monday morning. However, residents should not let their guard down as another round of damaging thunderstorms is in store during the evening and overnight hours.

Sunshine returned to areas hit by storms early in the day. This has allowed the atmosphere to reload with heat and humidity, setting the stage for severe storms to erupt and roll southeastward during Monday night.

Another cluster of nasty thunderstorms was positioned over northern Ohio Monday afternoon and was rolling southeastward toward southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

People in Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Morgantown and Parkersburg should also keep an eye out for rapidly changing weather conditions this evening.

Similar to Sunday, the greatest severe weather threats will be damaging straight-line winds exceeding 60 mph and large hail to the size of golf balls.

Additionally, any thunderstorm can produce blinding downpours capable of flash flooding. The highest flash flooding risk will be in low-lying and poor drainage areas.

Torrential downpours can make travel on roadways especially difficult and hazardous. Pull off to the side of the road until it is safe to continue driving.

Frequent and dangerous lightning will also accompany any thunderstorm, regardless if it is severe or not. If you are outside when a storm threatens, seek shelter immediately and stay away from windows.

Heed all watches and warnings and be sure to have a plan in place before severe thunderstorms threaten.

Keep checking back with for the latest severe weather updates.

By Mark Miller, Meteorologist

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