Current Severe Weather Danger: Missouri to Wisconsin

An ominous-looking sky covered DeWitt, Mich., on May 3, 2012. Photo submitted by Facebook fan Susan E.

Violent thunderstorms will continue to develop from southeastern Kansas to northern Illinois and neighboring Wisconsin through this afternoon with parts of the southern Plains also becoming threatened.

The nation’s midsection has already become the target of strong thunderstorms today–well before the afternoon commenced and daytime heating destabilized the atmosphere.

Winds estimated between 65 and 70 mph blew some shingles off a roof outside of Des Moines, Iowa, this morning. Meanwhile, golf ball-sized hail slammed an area near Brooks, Wis.

As the afternoon progresses, more powerful thunderstorms will erupt from southeastern Kansas to northern Illinois and neighboring Wisconsin.

Cities at risk for these violent thunderstorms include Kansas City, Mo., Cedar Rapids and Davenport, Iowa, and Rockford, Ill.

This afternoon started with thunderstorms rattling Chicago with strong thunderstorms to follow for tonight.

Spotty, yet violent thunderstorms will also erupt from southeastern Kansas to central Texas–including Dallas and San Antonio–this afternoon.

Through the overnight hours, the severe weather threat will transition farther south and east into northern Arkansas, southern Missouri, southern Illinois and Indiana.

The thunderstorms tonight will endanger Fayetteville, Ark., Springfield and St. Louis, Mo., Mt. Vernon and Springfield, Ill., and Lafayette, Ind.

The strongest thunderstorms into tonight will unleash damaging winds, hail and flooding downpours.

A tornado touching down and causing destruction cannot be ruled out, especially across far southeastern Iowa and central Illinois.

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