130kmh winds hammer Wellington

130kmh winds hammer Wellington


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Wind wellingtonWind wellingtonWind wellington

A windy morning on Featherston St.

A windy morning on Featherston St.

Gale force winds outside Wellington railway station.

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Winds of up to 130kmh hammered Wellington this morning cutting power to some areas.

Strong winds brought power lines down on Bracken Road this morning – cutting power to about 350 Paparangi and Newlands customers, Wellington Electricity spokesman Hugo Armstrong said.

About 100 customers had been reconnected to power. The company was doing repairs and the rest should be back up and running by 11.30am.

A handful of customers in Makara and Waterloo also lost power in the stormy weather, but they should be reconnected soon also.

”It can be attributed to high winds bringing lines down.”

Mr Armstrong understood several areas has been hit.

A tree has been blown down in Constable St, Newtown but is not blocking the road.

Gusts of 130kmh had hit Kelburn and Mt Kaukau since midnight, MetService forecaster Micky Malivak said.

The winds were being caused by a strong northwesterly flow over New Zealand which was getting magnified as it ”funnelled” through the Cook Strait.

Gusts of 95kmh were recorded at Wellington Airport, 115kmh at Castlepoint, and 75kmh in Masterton.

Last night the Fire Service was called out to a window which had blown in and a roof lifting in central Wellington.

The Lux-Mini Light Festival on the Wellington waterfront was closed early due to the winds.

Strong wind warnings were in place today for Wellington, Wairarapa and the South Island.

Winds should ease off today but would start picking up again this evening with strong winds expected late tonight.

Tomorrow would be windy and overcast with a little rain, while Sunday would be similar but with less rain.

MetService severe weather forecaster Andy Downes said severe gales tomorrow could bring powerlines down, damage trees and make driving conditions hazardous from Wellington and Wairarapa down to Canterbury.

They would most likely affect Desert Road and the central North Island ski fields, with Downes predicting they’ll be closed.

MetService forecaster Ian Gall said yesterday that the tranquil weather of the past week had been bullied out by a series of more violent fronts.

“It’s going to go for a while. We’ve lost all those lovely calm days.”

Predicted conditions for tomorrow night’s game rugby game between the All Blacks and Pumas in Wellington were for wind and rain.

Fans in exposed seating in the lower rows could be in for a particularly damp night – and the infamous swirling winds around the stadium could carry the rain to other parts too.

If the gales eventuate, kicking conditions will be difficult. And the fierce conditions might also play to Argentina’s strengths, with the game played through the forwards.

Mr Gall said the weather at game time would be rough. “Late Saturday afternoon . . . we are looking like we are pretty solidly in it. [But] it makes it fun at the stadium.”

Moving in to next week, MetService forecaster Chris Noble says the westerly flow is sticking around and Wellington and western parts of the country should expect to get another drenching, while eastern areas would remain relatively unscathed.

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Great sence of Humor Sniffles and sonny#8 wonderful reading, we would love to get rid of the Pollen in Nelson,send some breeze !!

Tomorrow’s game at the Westpac should be fun if this keeps up!

Great my council black recycle bin has disappeared, walked around my block, no sign, someone has nicked it which is dumb cos it has our address on it, but council wants me to pay $80 to replace it! Uhhhh I don’t think so WCC….so no more recycling from me.

It’s a lovely warm spring day out there today – what are you all talking about?

Wellington rocks. I hope this gets rid of the pollen.

wellington must have the best breathable air in the country the wind blows all the pollution away and occasionally the odd roof.

I am dreading returning home and seeing all the mess from the recycle bins everywhere, it was bad enough this morning… oh well hopefully the wind has blown it all down the road. fun n games in Wellington today !

looks like can’t go to sleep again tonight with winds slashing on my window.

Can’t wait to fly out Sunday night !

“It’s going to go for a while” … probably for the next six months, as usual.

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