April 2011 Tornadoes

Tornadoes in April 2011 have blown the record monthly count of most tornadoes in one month apart. There have been 660 confirmed tornadoes in the US in the month of April 2011. The previous monthly record was held in May 2003 with 552 confirmed tornadoes for that month.

Indeed, April 2011 tornadoes have been horrific with massive super systems touching down and devouring whole cities, towns and neighborhoods. These areas look as if a bomb has gone off.

Numerous lives have been lost in these deadly tornadoes of April 2011. One city, on April 27 2011, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, experienced a monstrous tornado that killed at least 41 people. Damage is catastrophic stated the Mayor.


Tuscaloosa tornado april 2011


From the same supercell of the Tuscaloosa tornado, Birmingham, Alabama, became the next victim. This tornado was so huge even filming crews from TV News could not get the full funnel in one frame shot.

Dr. Greg Forbes, TWC Severe Weather Expert, said he lost count of how many tornadoes he had seen on the radar on April 27 2011. He said he saw more debris ball signatures on the 27th, than his entire career at the Weather Channel which started in 1999.


Tuscaloosa Above Ground Closet Safe Room Survives EF-4 Tornado


A generous grandson built a safe room that also acted as a closet, for his grandparents in Tuscaloosa prior to the horrendous tornado experienced in April 2011.


Tuscaloosa Safe Room Survives EF-4 Tornado


Although the EF-4 Tuscaloosa tornado demolished a neighborhood, a single closet was left standing.

This clos­et however is not a normal closet. It was built as a safe room for severe weather and it worked.

For 2 miles you can see nothing but destruction, except this structure standing. William Blak­eney with Blak­eney Construction built the safe room for his grand­par­ents.

Mr. Blakeney’s grandparents home around the safe room closet was completely destroyed, yet the safe room which was also a master bedroom closet remained standing.

Undoubtedly, more safe rooms will be in demand for those who live in tornado alley!

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