I Am Not a Target!

I AM NOT A TARGET – DVD MovieSale Price:$7.02Read More





StreetWise 72-4130 130 dB Personal and Door Alarm with Flashing Light

This personal alarm combines two great deterrents to attack- a 130 dB alarm and flashing light. It looks like an ordinary pager and attaches to a belt or purse for easy accessibility.Sale Price:$7.50Read More





Gauss Master & K-II Deluxe Paranormal Pack EMF Meters

The Gauss Master & K-II Deluxe EMF Meters are Used by Professional Paranormal Investigators Worldwide !Sale Price:$76.79Read More





Hubbell Lighting Compass ECSEU1 Emergency Light

Hubbell Lighting Compass ECSEU1 Emergency LightSale Price:$29.62Read More





Wireless Home Security System

Mace 80355 Wireless Home Security SystemSale Price:Too low to displayRead More





Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10)

Disposable rescue blanket keeps in body heat and preserves body temperature. Measures 64 x 74”. Small enough to fit in most first aid kits.Sale Price:Too low to displayRead More





SEC’s new safety mechanism contains fallout from trading glitches on BATS

Even though the BATS exchange suffered spectacularly embarrassing failures, the problems did not trigger a broader upheaval in the markets.The potential fallout was contained in part because when Appleā€™s share price plunged, it tripped a circuit breaker that the SEC put in place in response to the 2010 flash crash.Trading in Apple stock was halted [...]





Cane for Self-defense DVD

Studio: Victor Multimedia-05 Release Date: 09/18/2007 Run time: 80 minutesSale Price:$9.95Read More





Dewalt DPG52-1C Contractor Pro Clear High Performance Lightweight Protective Safety Glasses

The Contractor Pro offers a lightweight design with rubber-tipped temples for a secure, comfortable fitSale Price:$2.37Read More