Severe weather warnings in place as heavy rain hits Bristol tonight

Prepare for heavy rain tonight in the Bristol area – which could lead to some localised flooding. There are flood warnings in place across the country, and severe weather warnings for the South West. ? The forecast is for heavy, persistent rain overnight, turning lighter for a time Friday. The Met Office is forecasting rain [...]





Ready for extreme weather? IBM – yes, IBM -can help

1 hr. John Roach …





Warm and muggy, chance for some afternoon strong storms in Cleveland

Mostly Cloudy Skies, Warm, And Muggy Conditions Are Prevailing Across Greater Cleveland.  A Slight Risk For Severe Storms Will Be Around As Showers And Thunderstorms Make A Comeback For This Afternoon And Evening.

Good morning, Cleveland. First off, I would like to express my sincere apology for an inaccurate forecast for the greater …





Possible pilot shortage raises safety concerns

Boeing, one of the world’s largest makers of commercial jetliners, forecasts about 460,000 new pilots will be needed worldwide between now and 2031 as global economies expand and airlines take deliveries of tens of thousands of new commercial jetliners. The forecast includes 69,000 new pilots in the North America, mostly in the U.S. The greatest [...]





Weather Service may impose furloughs

But with labor costs of $2 million a day, the Weather Service cannot pay its employees through the end of the fiscal year in September without a solution to a problem of its own making. An internal investigation concluded that for years, the agency reallocated millions of dollars that Congress approved for other projects to [...]





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