6 fire safety tips for your home

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Kenai students learn from new fire safety house

KENAI, Alaska (AP) — Kindergartners climbed out of a trailer’s rear window, one after the next, as smoke billowed over their small frames. Some let go of the window seal before their feet touched the ground. As the North Star Elementary students walked away from the smoke, …





Boy’s death underscores importance of fire safety

As Milwaukee officials marked the 20th anniversary of the Survive Alive house designed to teach schoolchildren about fire safety, they also mourned the tragic death of a 7-year-old boy who died in a house fire over the weekend. “It’s a reminder of how devastating a fire can be,” said Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing before a [...]





Fire safety begins at home: Cain





Summit on fire safety education of new US residents

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TweetTweetFire safety tips such as not playing with matches, not overloading an electrical outlet with plugs, watching over cooking dinner, handling lit cigarettes or candles with care and having smoke detectors in the home are common knowledge to most if not all people born in America. Michael Fondungallah (left) talked about the difference in fire [...]





Longmont’s fire safety house teaches lessons to live by

  Hints from the Longmont Fire Department Make a map of your home, marking all smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, windows and doors. Learn two ways to escape every room. Establish a meeting place in front of your house for your family to gather after evacuating. Have smoke detectors …





Brigade fires up home safety call

HOUSE fires are something that has become far too common in Biloela.

FIRE SAFTEY: Andrew McDonald explains some fire saftey tips to Ben Whiley. Photo Chris Davies / Central Telegraph IT IS something that has become far too common in Biloela. After two house fires in the last month and another only six months earlier, Biloela firefighters have decided now …





Home Depot hosts fire safety day in Vernon Hills





July Fourth home fire safety… Now go forth and grill!

On this Independence Day, there’s a good chance you have barbeque on the brain. The holiday is certainly about patriotism. But let’s face it, it’s also about burgers and brats. With the wildfires around Colorado and the ongoing dangerous conditions, fire safety is also top-of-mind this year, and for good reason. While there’s a ton [...]