How do we adapt to what may be weather’s new normal?

A satellite image of superstorm Sandy as it moved toward New Jersey. Violent storms are becoming more frequent.

The list grows longer. Irene. The October snowstorm. Violent summer thunderstorms that flooded the Passaic and Hackensack river systems. Sea level rise. Three straight years of above-average temperatures. Now, …





How to Weather the Storm

In sheer size and scope, a hurricane is considered the most devastating storm man can face. The combination of rains, winds and flooding, over an extended period of time, leads to large-scale destruction. Hurricane Sandy serves as an unprecedented example of how these destructive storms can impact a large area of …





Hurricane Isaac Rising Waters Forces People Out of Homes – DeJaVu?


Seven years ago, Hurricane Katrina cause massive damage, death and destruction due to flooding and storm surges in New Orleans, LA, Gulf areas in MS and AL. Now, Hurricane Isaac, a Category 1 hurricane when it came ashore, is causing massive damage due to breaching some levys in Louisiana. The flooding is due to Isaac [...]





May 2011 Tornadoes

Street after May 2011 Tornado in Joplin Missouri

May 2011 Tornadoes proved deadly too. For the year 2011, huge tornadoes have been ripping through the months causing havoc, mass destruction, injury and death. May 2011 Tornadoes Second Deadliest Month The first 3 weeks May 2011 Tornadoes were not too bad. However, that all changed on May 21, 2011 and lasted until May …