How do we adapt to what may be weather’s new normal?

A satellite image of superstorm Sandy as it moved toward New Jersey. Violent storms are becoming more frequent.

The list grows longer. Irene. The October snowstorm. Violent summer thunderstorms that flooded the Passaic and Hackensack river systems. Sea level rise. Three straight years of above-average temperatures. Now, …





Weather To Climate Change Deniers: “How’s Your Convention Going?”

Steve Stajich, Columnist

Opinion, Election, Columnist Posted Sep. 1, 2012, 6:00 am Steve Stajich / Mirror Columnist At some point years ago, an exhausted demonstrator warning of global warming probably set down his or her protest sign and sighed heavily, adding, “Those who think we’re kidding won’t believe us until they’re knee-deep in flood waters at their own [...]





Severe weather renews climate-change talks in Washington, Annapolis

Pictures: Maryland





Weather experts disagree on effect of climate change, severity of tornadoes

Is it possible that weather researchers in the future will look back on the 2011 tornado that struck Joplin and identify it as the beginning of a trend of more violent tornadoes brought on by climate change? Some climatologists believe climate change is having an impact on the severity of storms and not just in [...]