November traugh: Colorado snow blizards and severe storms in Kansas

Potentially tornadic supercell in line of severe warned storms

Yesterday, as Spoternet and Skywarn severe weather trackers, we followed a negative tilt low pressure system, that moved through Colorado drawing …





Home Security Burglar Alarm System Cell Phone Dialer for standard phone lines

Detect intruders with this amazing motion detector that automatically dials up to 3 stored phone numbers. You will be alerted by a your own recorded message when a situation arises. Detects motion in an area up to 32 ft vertically and 43ft horizontally. Unit is easily installed by plugging into an existing phone line, powered [...]





Guard Dog Security Cell Phone Stun Gun

The Guard Dog Cell Phone stun gun is a concealed stun gun with the look and feel as a real cell phone Carry the Guard Dog Cell Phone stun gun anywhere with the assurance that you’ll have protection if you need it, yet it won’t draw the attention of a stun gun. Comes equipped with [...]





Technology Alternatives 7021 Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter

You might not know it, but certain areas in your home and work have powerful electro magnetic fields (EMFs) that can inflict severe damage to cellular DNA. Protect yourself against this invisible radiation by testing areas that you frequent with a gauss meter, a device that measures the strength of EMFs. Once you identify where [...]