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Deluxe Emergency Kit-4 Person, Emergency Zone Brand, Disaster Survival Kit, 72 Hour Kit

Deluxe Emergency Kit-4 Person, Emergency Zone Brand, Disaster Survival Kit, 72 Hour Kit

With quality, value and durability in mind, this kit is perfect to keep in the car, by the door or in the office. You never know when disaster can strike, so don't rely on FEMA to provide for you the first few days after a tragedy provide for yourself. Protect yourself and your family in the event of a disaster. This kit contains the following:ORGANIZATION: 1 Oversized Backpack (large enough to not only carry the included supplies but also extra personal items)LIGHT AND COMMUNICATION: 1 Flashlight with 2 D Batteries, 4 Eight Hour Light ...

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The Complete First Aid Kit – Includes Save-A-Tooth, Exceeds ANSI Standards, Made in USA

The Complete First Aid Kit - Includes Save-A-Tooth, Exceeds ANSI Standards, Made in USA

The Complete First Aid Kit is a comprehensive kit containing everything you need to keep your home or office prepared for an emergency. The kit contains quality first aid products made right here in the United States in an FDA approved facility. The Complete First Aid Kit is the only kit in the world containing Save-A-Tooth which is accepted by the American Dental Association. This Kit has been made to exceed ANSI standards to meet the upcoming 2012 regulations, so you will be prepared for the next set of standards ahead of time. In addition ...

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Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit

Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit

This DIY wireless security system is easy to install and ready to use. It is a 4-zone system is designed for houses up to 3000 sq. ft., plus apartments, condos, offices and businesses. Uses rolling code technology for maximum security and fewer false alarms. Emits a piercing 110dB siren and sends signal to emergency dialer (Item# 17615, sold separately) to call preset phone numbers. Up to 100ft. range. Lighted keypad with chime, instant and delay modes. Low battery indicator. Can be customized to fit individual needs. Includes control panel, motion sensor, 2 door/window contact sensors, ...

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Best Home Safe – Why Have A Home Safe?

Best Home Safe - Why Have A Home Safe?

Why have a home safe, many people ask. There are many reasons for the best home safe to keep your home more secure. We've done the homework on the best home safes for your needs, that will save you money and time. You may wonder why you should buy a home safe since you can easily rent a lockbox or safety desposit box in a bank to keep papers and valuables safe. However, doing so can become expensive, not to mention inconvenient. When I say ...

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Home Safety, Business Safety, Personal Safety Get Your home or business "safe zoned"Your home safety and / or business safety should be “SAFE ZONED,” ready to withstand the threats of violent weather as well as emergencies, intruders, burglars, gun shots and more.

I know you want to keep your family as safe as possible. And, if you have a business with employees, you desire they be as safe as possible too. The good news is it entirely possible to increase you, your family and employees’ safety very easily and at a low cost.

There are daily business and home safety and security measures you may or may not be aware of like home pool alarms, smoke alarms, child and baby proofing, security systems and cameras, bullet proof structures and more. In addition, your own personal safety can be compromised, therefore being ready for any emergency is always best. Our site is here to help you to get your home or business “SAFE ZONED”.

SafeZoned offers information and lowest cost products on a variety of home safety and business safety products. In addition, we keep you up to date on violent weather news, and home & business safety news. You can also enjoy many home safety videos right here on our website.


Home Safety and Business Safety Is Important!

Make your business as well as your home as safe as possible at the lowest cost as possible …

home saferoom would be good for these states that have dangerous tornadosRecent years have shown us that violent weather can happen to any one of us at anytime. Having a violent weather plan, an emergency kit and supplies can keep our families as well as employees much safer if the unimaginable should happen.

Considering building or adding a storm shelter, a home saferoom or business saferoom is a good idea, especially if you live in an area prone to violent weather and / or crime.

You can find a full range of low cost emergency preparedness products here, including:

- Emergency Food Supplies
- Emergency Kits
- Survival Kits


Protect Your Home Against Crime

Although news reports crime is down, the level and aggressiveness of crime against people personally as well as business and homes seems (to me) to be more violent and mean. What I mean to say, although crime may not be happening as much, when it does happen to you, me or someone we know, it seems to be much more violent and terrible. Protecting our businesses as well as our homes from burglaries, home invasions, etc. is a way to enhance our safety and security. Doing so, costs very little compared to what the costs of recovering from this type of hazard costs.

If your business is in, or if you live in a crime prone area with “drive by” shootings or home invasions, you may wish to consider bullet proof structure products for your doors, windows and walls.
In addition, adding a security system or security cameras is very low cost, especially if you “do it yourself” We have several good security systems listed here that are easy to install.

All of us should consider the best home safe to keep our valuables safe against fire and water damage, if we choose to keep them in our home. The best home safe is remarkably cheap (considering how much a lock box at a bank costs yearly). However, true safety for these types valuables may need to go into a much more elaborate home safe.

Choosing the right home safe or vault for protection can be a confusing chore since there are so many options. Our site will be discussing all types of home safes, and vaults.


Daily Home Safety and Business Safety Considerations

Sometimes the most unobtrusive dangers and hazards in our home and or business bring the most lethal results. The best way to avoid these dangers is to know about them and protect yourselves as best as possible.

For home safety we include information and products like:

– First Aid Kits
– Pool Alarms
– Smoke Detectors
– Gas Detectors
– Ghost Detectors (EMF Readers)
– Bullet Proof Structure
– Home Safe
– Gun Safe
– Home Safe Room
– Panic Room
– Emergency Lights
– Security Systems
– Security Camera

Child Safety

- Baby Gates
- Baby Monitors
- Baby & Child Proofing
- Car Seats
- Child Locator

For business and work safety we include information and products like:

- HardHats & Helmets
– Masks & Respirators
– Safety Glasses
– Security System
– Security Camera

The above safety information and products are easy to obtain and are low cost enough for anyone to be able to add to their “SAFE ZONE”


Personal Safety Is Important Too

Your personal safety is important. Although the odds of being attacked personally are low depending upon where you live and work, it still is a good idea to be prepared and have a plan “just in case.”

For personal safety we include information and low cost products like:

- Tasers
- Pepper Spray
- Personal Alarms
- Self Defense Videos

The most important aspect to your personal safety is really having a memorized plan so you can act swiftly in case this type of danger arises.

We hope you will take your time on our home safety and business safety site, read the free information provided, subscribe to our RSS Feed, friend us on Twitter @_Home_Safety to keep up todate.

Please let us know what you think by commenting or leaving your feedback on the posts on business and home safety products and information too!

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