SafeZoned com Explains Home SafeRoom, Home Safes & Vaults, Bullet Proof Structures

A home saferoom or business saferoom, home safes and vaults, even bullet proof structures can help keep you safer and “safe zoned”. Violent weather, intruders and burglars, even the possibility of terrorism, including gang terrorism, is on the rise. Being safe, and keeping your family safe and / or your employees safe, should be an optimum goal. It is not that difficult today, nor is it expensive.

Home Saferoom for Violent Weather

Having and using a home saferoom or storm shelter in your house and even business can help provide “near-absolute protection” for you personally, and your family or your employees from injury or even death brought on by the causes associated with severe violent winds.

Almost complete safety means that, depending on our present understanding of tornadoes and severe weather, there’s a high likelihood the residents of a safe room constructed according to FEMA guides will help you avoid injury or even death.

A business or home saferoom may also relieve some of the intense stress people may develop by the threats of a storm or even hurricane.

home saferoom would be good for these states that have dangerous tornados

Current understanding of tornadoes as well as hurricanes, and their horrendous effects is based on meteorological information. Numerous studies have been completed on the damages to structures from severe winds.

The FEMA website offers a free book with instructions on building a safe room for violent weather [click here]

Home Saferoom or Panic Room for Intruder Protection

Panic rooms and safe rooms for intruder or burglar protection are different to a degree than the type of saferoom for violent weather.

Previously, it was thought that only the wealthy could afford to build a “panic room” or intruder saferoom in their home. However, there are numerous plans that are accessible for the home handy-person to make a do-it-yourself “diy” panic room or intruder safe room.

It is not that home invasions are on the rise, because studies are showing that they are on the decline. What is occurring is the violence and danger of the home invasion is much worse.

The era of the romantic cat burglar who quietly tiptoes around sleeping family members while helping themselves to your valuables is pretty much gone. Home invaders don’t care now. Many thrill at a chance to hurt the family whose home they are invading to steal valuables

Home Safes and Home Vaults

Home safes and vaults are one choice to keeping your valuables at home, safe from theft as well as fire damage. There are numerous options of home safes and vaults. In addition special gun safes are available that keep your guns safely secured from theft as well as children.

Choosing the right home safe or vault for protection can be a confusing chore since there are so many options. Our site will be discussing all types of home safes, and vaults.

Bullet Proof Structures – Walls, Doors, Windows for Home and Business

Bullet Proof windows, walls, doors and structures for your home and business may not seem to be an impractical or unreasonable expense. These types of bullet proof structures may be most important dependent on what type of business you operate as well as what type of neighborhood you live in.

Although, any neighborhood can be disrupted by drive by shootings and gang warfare, some neighborhoods locations have more occurrences than others. This in when bullet proof walls, windows and doors may be a highly practical inclusion.

In addition, many types of businesses, especially those dealing in large amounts of cash, lend themselves to protecting their employees with bullet proof structures, windows, doors and walls.

Home saferoom, panic rooms, storm shelter, home safes and vaults and bullet proof windows, doors and walls can all be added to your home or business easily and affordably.


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