Summer Home Safety

El Paso Police have a warning for you this morning to protect your home because they say home break-ins typically happen more in the summer time.

Police say one of the reasons is because more people are out and about and leave their garages, doors and windows open to enjoy the nice weather.

But, police say it’s pretty easy to keep your home from becoming a target and they have a few tips to keep your home safe, some of which may even include a little yard work.

“You don’t want your windows and doors to be concealed with a bush or with foliage or with a tree. We want to trim that stuff away so that your neighbors can see of somebody is trying to go in your window or if they’re kicking in your front door,” Darrel Petry of El Paso Police said.

If you’re leaving for a vacation this summer you can also notify police online through a code watch program so they can keep a close eye on your home while you’re gone.

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