Summer 2012: Home Safety Tips

School will begin in only a few more weeks. Many Glen Ellyn residents will be taking some time off and hitting the road for those last minute vacations before the kids return to school.

When planning time away there is always a long list of things to do and to buy in preparation for the trip. Aside from locking the doors on the way out, homeowners should take other precautions to ensure that while they are out of town, homes are left safe and sound. 

The Glen Ellyn Police Department offers a number of tips to keep properties safe while residents are on vacation. 

  • Don’t let newspapers pile up. Be sure to put subscription on hold or ask a neighbor to pick up papers.
  • Put mail on a vacation hold with the postal service. Residents can fill out a form with a start and stop date for vacation delivery.
  • Place interior lights and a radio on timers to give the appearance that the home is occupied.
  • Have front exterior lights on photocells that activate in the evening and shut off at daybreak.
  • Let trusted neighbors know you will be away and ask them to contact police if they notice suspicious activity at your home.
  • Residents who have an alarm system should leave a current list of contacts with the alarm company in case of system activations.
  • Be sure to disconnect the electric garage door opener and lock the garage door.
  • All vehicles left home should be locked and all valuables removed.
  • Make sure all entry points into the home are secure.
  • Be sure to unplug all unneeded electronics while away to prevent damage from electrical storms.
  • Be sure the sump pump is functioning properly and free from debris to avoid basement flooding in the case of a severe storm.

Have more questions? Contact the Glen Ellyn Police Department at 630-469-1187 or visit the website.   

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