La Grange Park Police Warn of Scams, Advise Bicycle and Home Safety

With the advent of spring, the La Grange Park Police Department is reminding  residents  of several items of which they should be aware.

Police said that it seems that no matter how often they tell people, someone gets victimized. A community awareness bulletin discusses bicycle and residential safety, and fraud scams.

When  in doubt, call the police, they said. Officers would rather respond to a suspicious incident than to a crime scene

Bicycle Safety

Residents should register their bicycles with the police department.  It is free and can be done at the Police Department, 447 N. Catherine Ave., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Registration helps the police department locate stolen bicycles should they be found elsewhere, or to report to other communities when a bicycle is stolen in La Grange Park.

Some people mistakenly believe that stores and shops selling bicycles always keep a record of the serial numbers and bicycles they sell. This is rarely the case, and more often than not, the serial number is not kept in a permanent file, police said.

Bicycles are to observe the same Rules of the Road as cars. This includes stopping at stop signs and riding single file on the right side of the road. Rules of the Road booklets put out by the Secretary of State can be obtained free at the police station.

Residential Safety

The onset of warmer weather means more people will open their windows and doors.

Remember to close and lock your windows and doors when you are not at home, police said.

Burglars and home invaders will choose the path of least resistance to enter a home. If your windows or doors are open, they offer an easy invitation.

Always lock your vehicle and never, never leave keys, purses, laptops or other valuables inside… even when parked in your driveway, they add.

Scams (Fraud Schemes)

Spring is the time for home remodeling and repair. Be aware of scam artists who will offer to perform repairs to and around your home using inferior materials – or – after getting your money, not show up at all.

Ruse scams also are prevalent. The individual will come into your home on the pretense of doing work for a neighbor. While you are occupied with the “workman” his accomplice will sneak into your home and take whatever valuables can be found and carried out quickly.

Do not allow persons who are not known to you into your home, police said.

When in doubt, call the police. A reputable contractor will be happy you did.

Telephone scams can occur anytime during the year. Be aware. Do not give your personal, banking, or credit card information to anyone over the phone, police said.

If you think you would like to “donate,” ask for the material to be mailed to you so you can check it out before committing yourself, they add.

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