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• Entrances

• Pathways in the house

• The bathroom(s).

If you have steps at the entries of your house, have at least one solid handrail installed at each one. Keep the steps well-lit and covered if possible. Keep your walkways in good repair. People can trip quite easily over small cracks and uneven or slippery surfaces. If you are remodeling and you can replace the steps with graded walkways, it will be both aesthetically pleasing and safer. Entry doors should be relatively easy to open and close, lock and unlock. If you have a screen or storm door on a tensioner, relax the tension as they can close too quickly and throw you off-balance. Inside your house, try to keep the passages to and from each room clear and free from too much “stuff.” A house should be well-lit, and all light switches should be conveniently placed. For a person with poor vision, contrast is important. A light sofa sitting on a light rug may make it difficult to move around safely. Walk through your house with a critical eye. Even borrow a walker and a wheelchair if you can and try to get into and around your house. That will give you important feedback on what you need to do to improve access and safety.

Family pets, while a source of much love and pleasure, can also be a hazard. The little ones will get under your feet and the big ones want to jump on you and play. Either way, be aware of the fact that they can cause you to fall. One of the greatest joys of getting older, the grandkids, can also pose safety risks for the elderly. In my practice, I have seen many older people with fractures who tripped while attending to their grandchildren.

When it comes to the bathrooms, every house should have at least one that has a wide doorway and easily accessible fixtures. Stuart Rigney, owner of Mountain Vista Construction, has 38 years of experience remodeling homes and businesses.

“The average cost of completely remodeling a home bathroom today is $10,000 to $12,000,” he says, “but there are several less expensive things you can do to improve access and safety.”

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