In-home day cares look at new ways to implement safety

In light of the recent fatal shooting near a Sioux Falls Cost Cutters, some day care centers are looking at new ways to keep kids safe. Others, like the Youth Enrichment Services building implemented a biometrics system in 2010.

Kristine Heibult has been caring for kids almost two decades, ever since her oldest son was a baby. Now, it’s how she makes a living and she says there’s no bigger priority than the safety of her kids.

“Parents put these children in my hands so I want to make sure they’re protected at all times so safety is extremely important to me,” Kristine Heibult said.

But when safety is put in jeopardy at an in-home daycare, like it was last Tuesday, it makes her see things a little different. 

“It’s very scary but it gets you thinking about things we need to do differently to make sure kids are always safe because you never know what could happen,” Kristine Heibult said.

Doors were normally unlocked with her open-door policy so parents know they can drop by and check them at their leisure.

But not for long.

“It’s the other way too, maybe I should have my door locked at all times so I don’t have to risk a stranger walking by or coming in or something like that,” Heibult said.

If it should ever happen, she wants to be prepared.

“We all need to probably re-evaluate our situations and make sure we’re always safe. People are thinking about it, they have to be, it would be so scary to have that happen,” Heibult said.

Before Kristine makes any changes to her services, she said she needs to check with the kids’ parents and see what they want done or what they’d be comfortable with.

Whether it’s creating an emergency plan or having parents always let her know when they’re coming, it’s something she plans to look into.

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