IBHS warns inland residents to prepare for the worst

TAMPA, Fla. (WANE) – The Insurance Institute for Business Home Safety warned inland residents on Thursday to prepare for the worst regarding Tropical Storm Issac.

As the past has shown, tropical storms and hurricanes do not only damage cities on the coast; they also cause destruction to the inland states.

“History repeatedly has shown that hurricanes are not just coastal events,” said Julie Rochman, IBHS president and CEO. “Storms don’t stop when they get to a state line or an interstate. Mother Nature keeps going. High winds and strong, wind-driven rain can travel hundreds of miles inland, causing significant damage and flooding.”

Past examples of devastation caused to inland states include Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Ike.

In September of 2008, Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast of Texas and moved thousands of miles inland to Ohio. It cost the state over $1.5 billion in property damages, making it the largest single loss event in the Ohio’s history.

More recently, in August of 2011, Hurricane Irene caused major flooding to several inland states including Vermont and Pennsylvania. Irene also hit Brooklyn, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia.

“Reducing potential damage starts with preparation,” Rochman said. “You cannot move your home or business out of harm’s way but you can and should take steps now, before the storm arrives, to lower the risk of severe damage.”

IBHS offers the following resources to prepare properties in coastal and inland areas:

Disaster Planning App – Know Your Plan
Prepare Surroundings and Trees
Shutter Windows and Doors
Prepare for Flooding
Prepare Generators
Business Preparation Resources

You can also click here for more information on how to make your inland buildings and homes more resistant to any disaster.

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