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Annie Andersen Reporter

With all of the recent home invasions hitting Shreveport lately, it’s no wonder that Swan Lake Hardware in Bossier City has seen in increase in home safety devices like dead bolts and door alarms.

Swan Lake understands that in these though financial times, people may not be able to spend lots of money on locks and other devices. And while they do stock high end items, they also keep lots of affordable options too.

A favorite is a dead bolt that doesn’t get drilled through a door; instead 6 screws go into the door and the bolt works by sliding across. This type of dead bolt sells for less than $20.

Another favorite are window and door alarms. While these are great for people worried about unwanted people coming in, they are also great at letting you know if a child or other family member has left the house. When separated, the alarms will continue to go off until they are put back together. With a really low price, these can be put on every door in window.

Even though these security devices sound like a great deal, Shreveport Police Department’s Marcus Hines reminds people that one of the best safety techniques is actually even cheaper… it’s free.

He reminds people to get to know neighbors, and keep an eye on the neighborhood. Keeping an eye out in the neighborhood will let you know who is supposed to be there and who shouldn’t, making it much easier to spot suspicious people.

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