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New York, NY, July 15, 2012 –(PR.com)– A new Home Safety Campaign has been launched using internet and social media to help people. Producers believe that people should be more aware of the changing environment and help themselves if possible.

In 2012 there were 241 tornadoes so far with more than 55 fatalities and more than $1-2 billion estimated damages. In 2011 there were 1,706 tornadoes in the USA with more than 550 fatalities, more than 5370 injuries and $20-25 billion estimated damages.

Not only that home weather stations can show the current weather, today home weather stations can also predict the weather and consequently can alert people about the coming weather changes. That way people can be safer. Home weather stations can be bought for under $100 which is not that much considering the safety it can provide.

Home Safety Campaign is designed to appeal to a wide audience in order to reach the maximum amount of people. It uses humour through social interactions and offers sharing using main social networks on the internet. Campaign can be reached and shared at: www.thehomeweatherstation.com/tornado

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