GWS Giants: Driving home safety message

WITH more than 30 players under the age of 20 in the GWS Giants squad, road safety is an important issue.

Six players from the club’s AFL and academy squads visited Eastern Creek’s Sydney Motorsport Park last week to learn safe driving methods.

Players Phil Davis, Adam Kennedy and Sam Frost got behind the wheel, as well as under-18 players Stuart Turner, Ben Wharton and Joseph Redfern.

“Having had players at the club having been affected by road trauma in the past, it will prove invaluable,” academy manager Lachlan Buszard said.

State government crash statistics show a 17-year-old driver with a provisional licence is four times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a driver aged over 26.

Speeding is the biggest killer of young drivers and about 80 per cent of those killed are male.

Video footage from the day will appear on the club’s television show Land of the Giants on Sydney community station TVS.

The show will run every Friday at 6.45pm and fans will be treated to team selections, player interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.


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