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Do you know what to do in the event of a fire? And, here’s the big question: do your kids know what to do? It’s pretty scary to think about your house catching on fire! It just takes minutes for a fire to really get moving. And, those minutes could mean the difference between getting out of the fire OK, and something much worse.

Experts say when it comes to our families, we need to have a plan. That goes for all Moms and Dads, friends, Grandparents, caregivers — everyone!

Steve Huffman with Mobile Fire-Rescue says, “the first priority is to get out, get away from the fire, and make sure everyone has the same meeting place. Select a tree, swingset, whatever the case may be, something that’s stationary that will always be there. And, they know once they get out to go there and wait until everyone else gets there.”

Huffman says it’s so important that our children know when there’s smoke or fire or when the smoke detector is going off, they need to get out of the house. The meeting place lets us as parents know who got out of the house, and who may be stuck inside. And, we really need to practice that plan. We need to make sure our little ones know how to get out of the house, and where to go once they’re out.

Huffman says it’s also a good idea to talk to our kids about fire. Not to scare them, but to make sure they understand how to handle that kind of situation. getting everyone out can be tricky, especially if your little ones are in the crib or can’t get out on their own. And, it can make it hard if you have more than one who needs help. Huffman suggests using a blanket or towel like a sled, and pulling the kids right out. As parents, we need to figure out multiple ways to get to our kids. Think about it this way: if that main hallway is blocked, then what do we do? And, if possible, our children should know multiple ways to get out, too.

So much to think about when it comes to fire safety and prevention. We’re going to do some more on this in the coming months. And, for more information, click here or here .

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