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WASHINGTON, April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ –
ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems LLC has developed an innovative and effective means of empowering travelers in potentially high risk locations, to protect and sustain themselves during a crisis or disaster. The pioneering small business from Central Virginia — known for developing fully integrated emergency preparedness solutions — is releasing its new EXODUS(TM) Personal Crisis Incident Response and Communications System.

EXODUS(TM) is designed to help preparedness-minded individuals and travelers respond to life-threatening situations. The system and associated travel safe training prepares men and women for crisis incidents ranging from common car/bus accidents and street crime incidents to violent political upheavals, natural disasters and acts of terrorism in foreign countries or in the United States.

While government and corporate professionals on foreign assignment, faith-based missionaries, disaster relief personnel and journalists often find themselves in harm’s way, anyone traveling for work or vacation can quickly become a part of a dangerous situation beyond his or her control. Having life-saving resources at hand during such times becomes an invaluable asset and could make the difference between perishing and returning home.

“The EXODUS(TM) system [equipment and travel safe training] is designed to help individuals gain some control over their personal situation, in the midst of crisis,” said Morris Peterson, managing director of ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems. “EXODUS(TM) helps aid in your escape, keeps you alive, treats your injuries, communicates your status and can direct rescuers to evacuate you from nearly anywhere on the globe. This is game-changing use of technology for personal safety.”

“The EXODUS system was developed using the same fundamental concept as the proven emergency ‘bail out bags’ carried by American combat aviators for use in the event of a ‘hard landing’, making possible their survival, escape and safe recovery,” Peterson said. “The system has been field-tested under extreme conditions, and varied terrains in different regions of the world.” In 2011, components of EXODUS(TM) were carried by members of a U.S. urban search and rescue team responding in Japan to the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.

Working in close collaboration with one of America’s leading urban and wilderness survival specialists, Mountain Shepherd Survival School, ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems will offer open enrollment and private EXODUS Travel Safety workshops and training programs to individuals, corporations, NGOs and government organizations.

“Today, more than ever, preparedness minded travelers, expatriate professionals and foreign workers need to have a greater situational awareness as threat levels have increased throughout the world. In the blink of the eye situations can go bad really fast as we’ve witnessed in urban centers and rural areas in Scandinavia, Europe, the Caribbean, North Africa, Southeast Asian Coastal resort areas, South American capitols and, yes I regret to say, right here in America,” said Reggie Bennett, president of Mountain Shepherd and former USAF Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) staff instructor. “EXODUS Travel Safety training is conducted by experienced instructors who prepare and educate people to travel wisely, employ specialized, yet simple to use, survival and communications tools to more safely and confidently travel throughout the world enjoying the experience.”

EXODUS systems are packaged in multi-colored ,non-descript, high-quality nylon waist packs, attaché bags and backpacks, each containing hand-held satellite GPS communications, smart phone text messaging, and Internet email capabilities. Advanced versions of EXODUS include a complete satellite phone with solar recharging and expanded disaster survival capabilities. All EXODUS systems include water purification and filtration capability, first aid supplies, lighting, signaling devices, personal hygiene items, fire-starting capability, personal shelter and specialized tools.

EXODUS(TM) is scalable, modular and comfortably carried discretely by men, women and teens on the waist, shoulder or back. This personal emergency preparedness system easily is stowed in your vehicle’s glove box, an office drawer, a closet or your luggage. Usable throughout the world, these systems can be customized to meet specific user requirements.

ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems LLC continues to create innovative emergency preparedness and disaster response products under the ICE PACK® brand. The corporate group leverages proven engineering, systems integration and life-critical training capabilities from more than 17 years of working globally in support of emergency preparedness, government security, law enforcement and defense agencies.

For more information about EXODUS(TM), Travel Safe training and other emergency preparedness products developed by ICE PACK, please visit
www.exodustravelsafety.com and
www.ice-pack.com .

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