Home Safes & Choosing the Right Home Safe

Choices for Home Safes like wall safes, floor safes, fireproof and gun safes are huge! There are many types, sizes, three classes, as well as price. They can be incredibly elaborate or simple, yet effective. Choosing the right safe for you needs is the key to home safety and protecting your valuables properly and not spending too much money.

Choosing Home Safes for Ultimate Protection of Valuables

Choosing homes safes can be confusing because there are many types as well as features available. In addition there are different classes of safes.

First, different types of home safes offer different types of protection. One of the main choices home safes buyers should consider is whether they should get a fire proof safe or an intruder or burglar proof safe or have one that protects for both.

You should consider fireproof safes if you are not close to a fire department, and / or if your area experiences fires due to dry conditions. If the area you live in has a very high incidence of fires, it may even behoove you to buy a Class A fireproof safe.

Burglar proof safes come in different classes. There are a variety of safe cracker tools burglars use on home safes, and the class of safe is tested as to whether these types of tools can crack the safe. Good burglar proof home safes are made of solid metal and heavy doors. They are especially made to be resist to the effects of drilling. Good burglar proof home safes will be resistant to picking tools and pressure tools as well. Common burglar proof homes safes are rated as TL-15, TL-30, and TL-40.

A combination burglar proof and fireproof home safes should have ratings for both of these protection choices. They are more expensive than single protection home safes.

home safes example

Check Level of Class and Rating of Home Safes

Each level of class of home safes as well as ratings have passed higher and more elaborate tests to produce higher levels of protection for valuables. Most home owners can usually feel well protected with Class C level home safes. However, take a look at the video below …

Home Safes Being Cracked Video

Watch as home safes cracking is made in this video

Obviously, this class c home safes was not “crack proof”

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