Best Home Safe – Why Have A Home Safe?

Best Home Safe - Sentry Fire SafeWhy have a home safe, many people ask. There are many reasons for the best home safe to keep your home more secure. We’ve done the homework on the best home safes for your needs, that will save you money and time.

You may wonder why you should buy a home safe since you can easily rent a lockbox or safety desposit box in a bank to keep papers and valuables safe. However, doing so can become expensive, not to mention inconvenient.

When I say inconvenient, you’ll understand more, after seeing the list of papers and valuables you should store in a home safe — and would be inconvenient if they were in a bank safety deposit box.

And, it does become expensive to rent a lockbox / bank safety deposit box year after year, when even the smallest one at your bank can cost $35 a month!

Items You Should Store in the Best Home Safe

Below are a list of items you should store in a fireproof, waterproof best home safe. By keeping these items in your home protected, you will save time and money. The key is to choose the right size home safe and locate the home safe where it is not easily seen.

  • You and your family’s Passports
  • You and your family’s Social Security Cards
  • Birth Certificates
  • Insurance Policies — especially life insurance and medical insurance policies
  • Financial Records and Contracts, like mortgage or rental agreements
  • Blank checks
  • Medical Records
  • Real Loans Online documents
  • Credit Cards — that way you won’t use them so easily (LOL)
  • High end Jewelry
  • Collectible Coins
  • Emergency Cash
  • Medications (keep them out the reach of children & teens)
  • Any other paperwork that you deem important or could lead to ID Theft

If you have guns or weapons of any kind, these too should be locked away in a proper gun safe as well.

Best Home Safe to Buy Right Now


The best home safe to buy for most people, and hopefully you too, is one that is solid, strong, is rated fire proof, and has good reviews from actual users.

After researching small home safes, we have found the Sentry Home Safe 1170 “1/2 Hour FIRE-SAFE” File, 0.61 Cubic Feet, to be one of the best to consider buying.


Sentry Fire SAfe - Home Safe


Sentry Home Safe 1170 “1/2 Hour FIRE-SAFE” File, 0.61 Cubic Feet | PRICE: $74 (price may change) – [Click Here]


This Sentry Home Safe is just the right size to keep all your important papers and valuables safe.


The fire proof ability is set at “1/2 hour” of up to 1550 degrees of heat. It is advertised to keep CD’s, DVD’s, memory sticks, etc. safe at this high of heat (items easy to melt).


Click Here for More Info on Sentry Home Safe 1170


There are many other sizes and types of home safes you can consider. This particular Sentry home safe does a good job for many people. The customer reviews of the Sentry 1170 home safe are mostly 4 and 5 stars. The biggest complaint about this Sentry home safe is it does not have a handle.

In future posts we will be discussing other home safe as well as gun safes and home vaults.

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