Underground Safe Room For Optimum Protection

Underground Safe Room , or underground shelter, may be the most optimum protection for violent weather.

Every buisness and home, especially in states known for violent weather like tornadoes and hurricanes, should have a home safe room for families or employees to use. However, if your business and home are situated in mapped areas for hurricanes, severe storms and especially tornadoes, an above ground “in your home” safe room may not be the absolute safest to come out without injury.

An Underground Safe Room is More Safe

An underground safe room is logically more safe than an above ground safe room situated within your home’s interior or business’ interior.

This is even more true if you reside in a manufactured home or business, as well as a home or business without a basement or cellar below the ground.

Underground Safe Room Even in Cities

An underground safe room is even essential in highly populated areas like metropolitan cities. These types of safe rooms are nearly indestructible to weather elements.


even in the cities an underground safe room is possible


For some reason, people may feel safer if they live in highly populated areas. They may feel insulated to the harsh and violent effects of high winds from tornadoes or hurricanes. However, just think about the horror that was witnessed in the highly populated area of Fort Worth Texas tornado.

Fort Worth Texas Tornado Aftermath Video



And, here you can see the total destruction experienced in Andover Kansas in 1991 Tornado



An underground safe room in hugely violent storms would make it possible to live through these massively destructive weather conditions.


Underground Safe Room Can Be Available for Just About Anyone

An underground safe room can be built for just about anyone. However, some areas it would be a challenge. These areas would include any that are below sea level like some areas in New Orleans, as well as some property in Florida and other coastal states of the United States.

In other words, if the water table of the area is close to the surface of the property, building an underground safe room may not be possible or may be particularly challenging.


Many types of the Underground Safe Room

There are many types of underground safe room to choose from. Some are incredibly elaborate and may be also be considered a bomb shelter, filled with emergency essentials to live for days and months. Others can be very simply. A safe place to go for a short period of time until the dangerous weather conditions pass by.


simple underground safe room


elaborate underground safe room


Whatever type of underground safe room you choose, you can do so knowing you are getting the ultimate safety.

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