A Safe Room – The Ultimate Safe Room with NBC Protection?

A safe room is needed in every home, especially where violent storms occur regularly. However, do we really need a safe room that is bullet proof and explosion proof? How about safe room that has NBC Protection (NBC protection means “Nuclear” “Biological” “Chemical” protection)? Many people believe they do need this — do you think so?

NBC Protection Safe Room Is Available to Buy Online

Safe Room NBC Protection Price
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If you desire this level of protection for your family and yourself, a NBC Protection, Explosion Proof, Bullet Proof Safe Room is readily available to buy online.

You can order it through Security Pro USA and it will be shipped within 2 to 3 business days.

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Safe Room with NBC Protection, Bullet Proof and Explosion Proof Features


  • This safe room shelter is built to give maximum protection for 12 to 20 people.
  • The safe room is bullet proof, shrapnel and explosion proof
  • It is easy to transport (on a crane mounted truck) and is can be located in any location without the location being specially prepared.
  • The safe room will protect you and family members against all types of known chemical, biological, nuclear warfare.
  • Filtering system purifies the air and allows a 24×7 operation. A monitoring valve system eliminates rarified air within the shelter through a decontamination chamber and washing room
  • The safe room shelter includes a 400-liter water tank, operated by gravitation or an electric pump, supplies drinking water and other applications.
  • The shelter has an air-conditioning system which is operated by 22OVAC or choose a self-powered generator.
  • This safe room shelter has a chemical lavatory and sink and you can add a food storage cabinet.
  • The entrance to the shelter can be made to be a washing room with a following decontamination chamber which are both pressurized.


Safe Room NBC Protection Features


The basic safe room includes: Level III protection, AC unit, biological & chemical purification system for 20 people/6 months, washer, and toilets.

The full safe room includes above, plus: Generator 11KVA/18KVA, 1 day fuel tank, fire fighting system, and more.

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Why Have a Safe Room with NBC Protection, Bullet Proof and Explosion Proof


You may wonder why people choose to have such a high level of protection in their safe room / shelter. Most of the time, these types of safe rooms are used in red-zone deployments, combat areas, chemical plants, field hospitals, electric power stations, and mobile command centers.

However, many people choose to buy a NBC protection safe room for their own property or business property that are not especially vulnerable in normal day to day life to these types of threats. They do so because they may feel threatened by violence due to chaotic times the world is experiencing right now.

In addition, many believe the 2012 prophecy may actually occur.

Whatever the reason, if you have the desire for this level of safe room protection, it is readily available to you — if you have the money to buy it, of course.


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