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7″ Hunting Knife with Fire Starter

This is the Mini Full Tang Survival Knife Magnesium Fire Starter. The Blade of the knife has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel with a tanto point. The sheath is tough green nylon with a belt loop. The knife includes a magnesium rod fire starter.Sale Price:$4.99Read More





Survival Kit for Trapping by Thompson Snares

First used by the Air Force in World War II, this survival snare kit contains one each of OS-30, and 00S-20 standard snares designed to capture small game such as squirrel, weasel, marten, and other climbing animals. They are also good for snaring rabbits, grouse, and woodchuck. WARNING – Use of snares is a regulated [...]





Basic Emergency Survival Fishing Kit

The Basic Emergency Fishing Kit is a well stocked, basic, durable, quality and inexpensive survival fishing kit. The basic version of our Emergency Fishing Kits, like our Standard Survival Fishing Kit, was designed as a collaborative effort between survivalists and avid fishermen. Therefore, it goes without saying that this survival fishing kit is …





Mayday Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Survival Backpack Kits (4 Person)

Great all around emergency survival kit for home, work, car, etc. Kit includes: 1 – Backpack 4 – 2400 Calorie Food Bars 4 – Solar Blankets 24 – Pouches of Waters 4 – Dust Masks 4 – Ponchos 1 – Flashlight 2 – Alkaline “D” Batteries 1 – 2 Person Tent 1 – 50′ Nylon [...]





Lifeline 29-Piece Ultralight Survival Kit

29 Piece Kit Includes: Weatherproof Carry Case, Survival Guide, 10′ Emergency Cord, Map Compass, Emergency Whistle, Survival Blanket, 3 Safety Pins, 36″ Roll Duct Tape, 18″x12″ Sheet Aluminum Foil, 8′ Snare Wire, Box Waterproof Matches, 4 Fishing Hooks, 4 Fishing Sinker Weights, 50′ 10lb Fishing Line, Surgical Blade, Reusable Zipper-Lock Bag, 5 Wound Closure Strips,Sale [...]





Adventure Medical Kits Sol Emergency Bivvy, 3.80-Ounce

The ultralight, ultra-warm full protection shelter! The SOL Emergency Bivvy is made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as AMK’s world-famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside. If you’re forced to spend the [...]





Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

From Gerber, the 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife is designed to help you endure in the toughest environments. It features an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling and a dependable stainless steel blade with a versatile serrated edge. Additionally, the knife and military-grade nylon sheath are packed with innovative survival tools, including a fire [...]





Escape & Evade Tactical Military Survival Kit

Youtube video at: 4jNUlpczYYo Designed for U.S. Forces: Fits in thigh pocket: SHELTER: Tactical Survival Sleeping Bag (Bivvy): Olive Drab Reversible :Reflects up to 90% body heat. Wind and waterproof. WATER PURIFICATION/COLLECTION: Aquamira Water Purification Tablets, CL02, Military Edition: 1 Pk of 10 tabs. 1 L Stand Up Water Collection & Purification Bags: Sterile. Qty: 2 FIRE STARTING: [...]





Emergency Survival Kit in a Sardine Can – 2 Pack

The two pack of Whistle Creek’s Survival Kit in a Sardine Can is a great gift idea for anyone who does one or more of the following: hiking, fishing, mountain biking, boating, camping, backpacking, four wheeling, rock climbing, snowshoeing, road trips, and more. One of each of the aforementioned items is included in each sardine [...]