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PAL-130L Keychain Alarm with Light

The KEYCHAIN ALARM WITH LIGHT combines the two best deterrents against attack – a 130 dB alarm and a flashing light. The alarm is activated when the pin attached to the keychain is pulled or by pressing the alarm button on the top of the unit. Can be used as a flashlight without activating the alarm to provide additional [...]





U.S. Patrol JB5533 Watchdog Door Knob Alarm

US Patrol Watchdog Door Alarm Barking knob alarm sounds like a guard dog or switch to the piercing siren so intruders stay away. Simply hang on the inside of any door knob; no special wiring required. Super-sensitive alarm works even if an intruder comes within inches of the door knob. Scares off unwanted intruders, keeping [...]





SE-0304OR Bag Protector Alert. Orange/White

The Doberman Bag Protector Alert is a uniquely designed dually triggered alarm device, including a motion sensor alarm and a pull pin alarm. The motion sensor is armed and disarmed via the Bag Protector Alert keypad. Use your preset personal security code and place the Bag Protector Alert on a bag or valueable. If the [...]





StreetWise 72-4130 130 dB Personal and Door Alarm with Flashing Light

This personal alarm combines two great deterrents to attack- a 130 dB alarm and flashing light. It looks like an ordinary pager and attaches to a belt or purse for easy accessibility.Sale Price:$7.50Read More





BDS – 2 Sets of Guardian Angel Personal Protection Emergency Alarm (One Pink and One Blue) + One Free Ponytail Holder

The BDS personal Protection Alarm is convenient to carry, and extremely loud, giving you the attention drawing capability you need, when it matters most. It is very simple to use, just pull the pin!! Small enough to fit into the hands of women and children, yet the ear splitting high pitched sound they emit (90 [...]





GE 45216 SmartHome Portable Security Kit

Add security to your home with Jasco‚Äôs GE brand SmartHome Security Products. From personal alarms to motion detection, SmartHome has the product you need. This three-in-one home security kit is easy to install and requires no wiring. …





Mace Portable Door/Multipurpose Alarm

Battery removal triggers an instant alarm.Sale Price:$13.85Read More





Key Chain Alarm with Light

This product is ideal for both younger and elderly people who are looking for a safety device that can be carried anywhere with ease. Since the alarms are on a key chain, they can be placed in a purse, pocket or jacket where they stay within easy reach when you need them. Each unit also [...]





Personal & Door Window Alarm

There′re many different ways this alarm can be used. Personal Alarm: Carry it in a purse/pocket or attach it to your belt. In an emergency pulling the cord will activate the 130DB alarm and flashing light which will scare off a would-be attacker. Purse/Briefcase/Backpack Alarm: Clip cord to your belt or wrapped around your wrist [...]