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A Safe Room – The Ultimate Safe Room with NBC Protection?

Safe Room NBC Protection Price

A safe room is needed in every home, especially where violent storms occur regularly. However, do we really need a safe room that is bullet proof and explosion proof? How about safe room that has NBC Protection (NBC protection means “Nuclear” “Biological” “Chemical” protection)? Many people believe they do need this — …





Safe Room Saving Lives In Violent Tornado Winds

Tuscaloosa Safe Room Survives EF-4 Tornado

Safe Room occupants are being saved from injury and even death during the violent tornado winds being experienced this year. Smart and lucky home owners and business owners who had quick access to a safe room were able to be “safe” when the violent winds hit their homes and businesses. The safe room could have [...]





Home Safe Room Plans

home safe room plans ICC 500 Standards

Home safe room plans for your house may be one of the most important designs added to your house for safety. Depending on the area you live in the United States, it may be one of the wisest decisions you make to keep your family safe during violent weather situations. Building Home Safe Room Plans [...]





Underground Safe Room For Optimum Protection

even in the cities an underground safe room is possible

Underground Safe Room , or underground shelter, may be the most optimum protection for violent weather. Every buisness and home, especially in states known for violent weather like tornadoes and hurricanes, should have a home safe room for families or employees to use. However, if your business and home are situated in mapped areas for [...]





SafeZoned com Explains Home SafeRoom, Home Safes & Vaults, Bullet Proof Structures

home saferoom would be good for these states that have dangerous tornados

A home saferoom or business saferoom, home safes and vaults, even bullet proof structures can help keep you safer and “safe zoned”. Violent weather, intruders and burglars, even the possibility of terrorism, including gang terrorism, is on the rise. Being safe, and keeping your family safe and / or your employees safe, should be …