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Watersafe WS425W Well Water Test Kit

We′re Just Testing The Waters… Water test before we dip our tongues into it. You might want to, too. Try Watersafe®, a single-use kit made for testing well water that will detect coliform bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, lead, iron, chlorine, copper and hardness. Includes an instruction manual and EPA drinking water standards. Easy to …





Will County Board urges severe weather preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

JOLIET, Ill. — The Will County Board issued a reminder to residents that severe weather preparedness is March 4-10 across the state. As spring arrives, diverse weather patterns can often converge, causing a greater likelihood of thunderstorms, flooding and tornadoes. “Unfortunately, we have already seen the pain …





Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Illinois – WREX

PRESS RELEASE There are many indications that this could be an active – and early – severe weather season in Illinois. Severe weather has already impacted parts of Illinois and neighboring states. 2011 was a devastating year for tornadoes in the United States. There were more than 1700 tornadoes nationwide, including 59 killer tornadoes which [...]





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Emergency Kit 1 Person Back Pack

    View ALL Emergency Kits and Supplies [ Click Here ]   Emergency Kits fast accessibility and Have A Plan are the two BIGGEST pieces of advice disaster preparedness experts give. It is absolutely necessary to Have A Plan in case of emergency — for all types of disasters. Have a plan …