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Loc8tor PLUS Locator Plus – Pet Handheld Pet Finder | Pet Locator | Lost Item Finder

The Loc8tor Plus is the multi award winning device that will help you keep tabs on your children, pets and possessions and is ideal for use at home, out and about or for business. Its two modes Locate and Alert enable you to find any tagged lost item even in the hardest to find places [...]





Low cost, real time GPS tracker with advanced features

Features -Auto Theft Tracking – if you car is ever stolen it can be easily tracked through GPS Tracker -Real time tracking, as fast as every seven seconds with customized setting -Bing and Google maps with option of “birds eye” view -Automatic refresh map, see the vehicle moving on map -Multiple small individual maps for multiple vehicles [...]





Ardi Kid Tracker 405KC1; 1 Parent to 1 Kid version

Kids never feel tired, they can be in your side at this moment, but they can be gone for the next second. The Kid Tracker is designed to help exhausted moms and dads watch their kids. it’s easy to operate, The master unit is for parents, it comes with LED & melody to indicate the [...]





Audiovox ECCO Personal Pocket GPS Locator

The ECCO from Audiovox is a handy little keychain GPS that easily helps you find your way back to your car or other spots. Store up to three locked locations and you’ll be guided by a simple interface to where you need to be. …






The Loc8tor Lite can help you find missing items like keys, phones or even kids or pets by leading you straight to the homing beacons attached to your belongings. The LEDs on the handheld main unit can lead you to as many as 4 registered homing tags. When you activate the attached beacon, you’ll hear [...]





LOC8TOR Plus Pack

The Loc8tor Plus is the ultimate tool that will help you keep tabs on your children, pets and possessions and is ideal for use at home, out and about or for business.The Loc8tor Plus has two main functions; Locate and Alert mode. Locate mode — Is for Finding. To find an item, simply select from [...]





Click ‘n Dig! Key Finder Wireless RF Item Locator Remote Control, Pet, Wallet, Keyfinder. (Free Extra Batteries).

This Key, Wallet, Remote Finder is a convenient and high quality gadget that works! It beeps the right device every time. Simply click the color coded button on the radio transmitter to find the item up to 60 feet away and hidden under the pillows or across the walls. Radio frequency penetrates walls, cushions, leather [...]





Artec Guardian Angel Tracker 807G

Guardian Angel is a digital wireless device designed to protect the family. One base can control up to four Tags. The MAX search range is 500 meters (1600 feet) in line of sight. There are three “Alarm Distance Modes” for each Tag from near, middle, or far from the base. Once …





Mommy I’m Here cl-305 Child Locator with New Alert Feature, Blue

Over 725,000 children are reported lost each year in the US. No matter how good a parent one is, it can happen to anyone. The Mommy I′m Here Child Locator is an advanced, easy to use child locating aid. It will give you the added confidence of knowing that you have taken the extra step [...]