PWD Dept had complied with fire safety norms: Bhujbal

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Maharashtra PWD Minister Chhagan Bhujbal today said that his ministry had complied with the fire safety norms, which had been laid down during the structural audit conducted in 2008.

Talking to reporters here, Bhujbal said the fire safety plan given during the structural audit comprised 32 points, out of which, the department complied with 31.

“Only the issue of fire-resistant paint could not be implemented. We had sent specification to the fire brigade, but there was no response,” he added.


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He said even though the maintenance of the 56-year-old building was with the PWD department, it was not the only one to be blamed for the loopholes, if any.

“Most of the departments do not take PWD department’s permissions for carrying out renovation work of their respective offices. A circular of the Chief Secretary was issued in June 2008 that renovations should not be carried out without proper permissions of the department and the Chief Secretary,” he said.

Similarly, all entrances, exits, staircases should be free from obstruction. “Because of this compliance, all the staff could be evacuated in 15 to 20 minutes,”he added.

The other points mentioned were that vehicular parking was not allowed on the approach roads of the building and that there should be open space available around the building.

The fire safety plan also mentioned that escape routes should be free and all electrical safety gadgets were in place. (More)

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