Old Town businesses form safety association

“If there is a problem with an individual later on, the information we would make available to police if they are developing a timeline of a crime or something like that,” Davisson says.

Davisson hopes to get the other Old Town bars to scan licenses also and create something of a safety network.

“We would like to get to the point where we can share that with other clubs, so we can flag a troublemaker before he gets into another club and starts trouble somewhere else,” Davisson says.

Davisson says customers can be assured the information will only used for security reasons, and their information will otherwise remain secret.

“It’s nothing that isn’t already on your driver’s license that we’re checking every time you come in anyway,” Davisson says.  “We’re not using that information.  We’re not selling it to companies for mailers or anything like that.”

He says it’s all about keeping the right ones in and the wrong ones out.

Also, Vice Mayor Janet Miller met with Old Town businesses.  She says they discussed strategies already in place.  They also talked about changes that could be made, like creating a no loitering ordinance after midnight.

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