Centre would satisfy SC on safety aspects of KNPP: Minister

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The Centre would satisfy the Supreme Court on the safety of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant and people living in its vicinity, Union Minister V Narayanasamy said today.

“We will file the counter on October 4. We will satisfy the Supreme Court…” on the steps taken to ensure the safety of the people in and around Kudankulam, the Minister of State in PMO told reporters here.

He was responding to a question about the Supreme Court’s September 27 observations that it can stop commissioning of the plant if it finds that the mandatory safety requirements for it have not been put in place.


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The court made the observation during the hearing of an appeal by a social activist against the Madras High Court order refusing to impose any restraint against the plant.

Narayanasamy said the government would file a counter detailing the measures taken from the safety point of view during the next hearing on October 4.

Noting that the court had only sought explanations on safety aspects, he said the Centre would also submit to the apex court reports of expert committee and others vouching for the safety of the plant.

He said the Centre would extend all support to the state government in maintaining law and order in the area, which has been witnessing protests by locals against the KNPP.

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