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    A lack of safety training is often what keeps able and ready workers off the oil rigs, JDM Safety Training Services owner Jeff Booke said.

    Companies would either have to wait for training classes to open up or send their workers far away or both, the life-time Dickinson resident said.

    He plans to help bridge that gap with his business, which will hold its first class Friday.

    “This is a place here where they can get come get all of their certification that they need to go to work for these companies,” he said.

    Booke is familiar with the oil industry, having worked in the last boom and lived through the bust. One of the biggest differences he’s seen in the current boom is the emphasis on safety.

    “When I started it was basically you get a shovel, a hard hat and a pair of safety gloves and away you go,” he said. “Most of the stuff running equipment and this was all learned on the job.”

    His business, which is a one-man show right now, will offer training for companies and individuals in a variety of areas, and will cover a multitude of careers and not only those in the oil field but all other industries.

    “Any kind of industry that needs certification, I can do,” he said.

    Booke has a classroom at his storefront in downtown Dickinson, but will hold classes anywhere, including on site.

    “All they have to do is supply a room or a trailer to hold the classes in,” he said. “I’ve also held classes out of the back of my pickup before. It’s possible to do safety classes anywhere.”

    The business is headquartered in the building that previously belonged to The Village, which closed after last Christmas.

    “I guess it’s been exciting to see the building being used again,” said Kristi Heinrich, desktop publisher at neighboring Quality Quick Print. “Jeff’s been over here quite a few times doing business with us and he’s just a really nice guy.”

    Having a safety training expert in town will allow companies to start employees sooner, Booke said. Some of the training courses he will provide were only previously available in Williston or Minot or by special instructor brought in to a company.

    Some of the courses will be given on a regular basis, but all will be available on demand, Booke said.

    “Safety and health training is a critical component to any well-run business,” said Eric Brooks, Occupational Safety and Health Administration assistant Bismarck-area director. Brooks does not specifically endorse Booke’s company.

    “It’s no different than any other industry or any other business you’re gonna be in,” he said. “If you don’t train your people how to make a product, you’re gonna get a bad product.”

    Paperwork, cards and certificates are available to individuals and companies almost immediately after training is complete, Booke said.

    “I do have a passion for it,” he said of safety training. “And that’s the big thing — you have to believe in what you do.”

    JDM Safety Training Services is located at 46 First Avenue West. For more information call 590-3449, 483-0802 or email

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