CRL Brushed Stainless Pass-Thru Hopper by CR Laurence

All Stainless Steel Construction Lockable from Clerk’s Side (Secure Side) Level 1 Bullet Resistant The CRL Pass-Thru Hopper is the perfect way to complete transactions when security is a concern. The Hopper is simple to operate. The clerk effortlessly pushes outward on the handle and the Hopper pivots towards the customer to start the transaction. Then the clerk gently pulls inward and is able to retrieve the items placed inside the Hopper. The perfect Pass-Thru for convenience stores, gas stations, financial institutions, police stations, jails or detention centers. The CRL Pass-Thru Hopper is ideal for exchanging moneybags, gallon containers such as milk or anti-freeze, as well as two-liter size beverages. Itoos also available with flange

Sale Price:$1,100.52

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