Bullet Proof Walls, Doors & Windows for Home

Why have bullet proof windows, doors and walls installed in your home? It may seem like an excessive expensive, yet many people are choosing to add this home safety feature.


Bullet Proof Windows, Walls and Doors Can Save Lives

Bullet Proof Windows, Walls and Doors could save your life in a drive by shooting occurrence. Drive-by shootings are being experienced all over the United States now. Although the incidence of drive-by shootings occur more often in heavily populated cities with gangs and higher crime rate, they are not unknown in smaller towns and cities.

In addition, high-powered guns and bullets are being used that easily pierce an average home’s doors and walls. Regular powered guns and bullets easily shatter normal windows, and can easily harm or kill home occupants.

By choosing to install bullet proof structures in your home, especially front windows or windows that face a street, you are increasing the safety of your home from any type of drive-by shootings.


bullet proof window


Bullet Proof Structure Materials In Your Home Increases Your Safety

If your neighborhood has experienced shootings, it may be time to increase you and your family’s safety, and at the very least add bullet proof or bullet resistant front windows. Random shootings and driveby shootings should not be why you and your family should feel unsafe in your own home.

Bullet proof or bullet resistant walls should also be considered. Many types of bullets can easily come through walls and injure or kill an innocent victim. With bullet proof structures installed in your home, you can definitely feel safer in your neighborhood.

A bullet proof or bullet resistant front door is another safety structure that could save your life. Sometimes home invaders simply begin shooting at the front door. If you have a bullet proof door, injuries from these types of shootings will not occur.

If you live in an area prone to crime, driveby shooting and home invasion, it may be time to install bullet proof structures like bullet proof windows, doors and walls.


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